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Blessing Oyeleye and His Future Vet Pathologists Club

As you know, X-WOW has been funding Future Vet Pathologists Club (click here to visit the club page), aimed at helping the founder, Blessing Oyeleye, to achieve his dream of providing education on diagnostic veterinary pathology to high school and pre-university students to help them become great future scientists especially in the field of pathology....
8 September 2020

What is X-WOW Consultation Without Borders?

This is X-WOW Duck, thank you for attending our lectures and for all your support so far! I am excited to invite you to join X-WOW Consultation Without Borders, something we have been working on where you can turn knowledge into a source of income! Quick story first, 2 years ago when X-WOW was born,...
27 July 2020

X-WOW Consultation Without Borders is live!

We would like to announce that X-WOW Consultation Without Borders is now live! If you have a question in medicine, no matter what it is, you could find the right answer for as little as $1. If you have experience in medicine, no matter how much you have, you could turn knowledge into a source...
27 July 2020