Blessing Oyeleye and His Future Vet Pathologists Club

As you know, X-WOW has been funding Future Vet Pathologists Club (click here to visit the club page), aimed at helping the founder, Blessing Oyeleye, to achieve his dream of providing education on diagnostic veterinary pathology to high school and pre-university students to help them become great future scientists especially in the field of pathology.

Our story started when Blessing submitted an application to us to request for a microscope in 2019. We were really impressed by his enthusiasm and decided to help! Since then, we have been working with Blessing and his team (Ogar Michael Oshen, Obiajulu Gift Chiamaka, AJOGI Donken Ikwe, Oke Oluwakanyinsola) to inspire future scientists from around the world, through numbers of onsite and online events.

See the below an interview we had with Blessing in 2019.

X-WOW Duck:

What’s your background, why you did you choose to take pathology, what’s the current problem for the students in your school to study pathology and what differences are you trying to make?


Blessing Oyeleye:

I am a Nigerian, presently studying Veterinary Medicine. My love for scientific courses spans back to when I was a little child, but the obstacles and challenges standing as a barrier were so great. One of the major challenges was the absence of basic scientific equipment such as microscope. And that stalled my development for a long time. And on getting into veterinary medicine that same challenge still lingered. 

At an early age I experienced things that little children shouldn’t experience, and this made me to enquire and ask questions as why people that I loved died I realised that microorganism led to abnormalities that eventually caused their death, so as a child I moved with that resolve to study microorganism deeply in order to help society because if there were people who are deeply knowledgeable in microbiology and pathology these deaths could have been prevented and pain avoided. 

In my quest to be deeply knowledgeable in microbiology and pathology as a veterinarian, I realised it will be impossible to perfectly study microorganism without a microscope. So unavailability of microscope has hindered the progress of my personal studies due to the fact that I am only able to know theories and unable to practicalize them

Looking around my immediate environment, it became obvious that many kids and colleagues are hindered in there scientific and professional studies due to the lingering absence of a microscope. 

I have always been looking for a way to solve this problem but the cost of procuring a microscope is not within the ends of a common man. 

Therefore, when I saw this opportunity, I knew it is a way to solve this problem for myself in viewing practically what I have been taught theoretically, the kids by organizing tutorial and sensitization classes  and my colleagues while studying together.


X-WOW Duck:

Once you receive the microscope, how are you planning to inspire the next generation of scientists? Or what difference/impact will you make with it?


Blessing Oyeleye:

I have found out from several interactions I have had with kids in my locality that, so many kids and secondary school students are facing the same problem I faced. Many of them have passion for studying science and viewing the microorganisms mentioned to them in school and the ones they have seen in the textbooks. This has always made me to be looking for a way to mitigate the adverse effect of not having access to microscope to attain their goals therefore I have took out time to be sensitizing and tutoring them on microbiology. 

I have formed a team of few persons with my colleagues and we shall dedicate time into organizing tutorials and sensitization campaigns for primary and secondary school students who are passionate about studying scientific courses therefore spurring their interest in studying with the microscope and reaching out to more children. Getting a microscope will make this more easier and achievable as it would bridge a gap between theories and practically seeing the microorganism their teachers had mentioned to them in their class rooms and the ones they have seen in textbooks. 

X-WOW Duck:

Are there any experiments you have always wanted to do using a microscope?


Blessing Oyeleye:

YES, as I mentioned earlier, I am a veterinary medical student, in which microbiology and pathology are major courses in the course of study veterinary medicine. I have been taught and I have read so many things theoretically in microbiology and pathology which I have not been able to view under the microscope. For example I have been taught the classification of bacteria based on shape which include the Cocci form (the round shaped bacteria), the bacilli (the rod shaped), the vibros (the comma shaped), the spirrilla (spiral/coiled), spirochaetes the mycoplasmas with their examples which I know very well theoretically and so many other things in histopathology too. 

I want to view all these under the microscope by myself which by implication will increase my skills and boost my courage and experience to teach the kids in my locality. This will give provide the kids an access to stop seeing microbiology and pathology as an unreal abstracts when they are able to practically view these things by themselves.  


X-WOW Duck:

is there anything else you will need apart from a microscope?


Blessing Oyeleye:

YES, conducting sensitization and practical tutorial classes of the kids will require some presentation materials such as a computer, projectors and public address system to aid easy communication. The computer will also help with digital presentation of microscopic images. 

Also, writing materials such as notebooks, pens and children scientific pictorial textbooks would be helpful.   


Inspiration is a seed.

Plant it, and dreams grow.

When dreams are nourished by support and encouragement, magic blossoms!

Together we support doctors in underprivileged labs and inspire future scientists all over the world.

Anyone should have a chance to pursue the dream, and with everything we do, we try to create and instill that belief. No one should be left behind.


I hope you enjoyed the interview, if you would like to support Blessing Oyeleye and Future Vet Pathologists Club, please visit his page on X-WOW Consultation Without Borders (click here), exchange knowledge, or ask him for help!


8 September 2020