What is X-WOW Consultation Without Borders?

This is X-WOW Duck, thank you for attending our lectures and for all your support so far! I am excited to invite you to join X-WOW Consultation Without Borders, something we have been working on where you can turn knowledge into a source of income!

Quick story first, 2 years ago when X-WOW was born, we needed lots of advice from pathologists, (specialised doctors who study the diseases). We could not find a consultant who could answer all of our questions, but luckily, we met lots of really nice people, in person, in emails, on social media, who have kindly and patiently provided us guidance and advice. However, there are many people around the world who still rely on Google, that is time consuming and the results may not be clear. We’ve always wanted to fill this gap, so that whenever someone need help/advice from an expert, just pay a fee to get the support from the right people!

That’s why X-WOW Consultation Without Borders was born, a platform to erase the borders for medicine experts from around the world to exchange knowledge, in another word: a global freelance market for experts in medicine. Here are something you can do with it.

Whether you are an experienced medical specialist, a consultant, a technician, a professor, a medicine student or a start-up founder, if you wish to offer your skill and knowledge in front of a computer, we can provide you opportunities to turn knowledge into a source of income! The user-friendly platform that provides security, privacy, and timely payments, so you can keep doing what you love the most. The ‘service’ can be anything, remember what’s easy for you to do, could be significant helpful for the others. For example, a scientist looking for a research topic, an entrepreneur investigating a market before expanding the business, or simply someone starting medical school and need some guidance from you. There is always someone need help from you.

If you are not interested to offer a service, you can still get paid by referring friends. Once logged in, simply click on the blue button ‘Refer a friend, get paid’ where you will see your unique url. Remember to use your referral url to invite others, whenever someone registers or makes a purchase, you will get paid.

As you can see this is just a beginning, and we will need lots of feedback to improve it!
Are we delivering the right message?
Would you be interested to use this platform to connect with other medical experts around the world, offer your help and get paid?
What other functions do you think it is necessary?
If you have any feedback, please use the “Feedback” button to share your thoughts!

Please register an account, and you are ready to use it to create/accept jobs!

For more information about how it works, please visit: https://x-wow.org/how-it-works/

You can visit:

https://x-wow.org/my-account/payments/ to see how much sales you’ve made.

https://x-wow.org/my-account/payments/affiliate to see how much you’ve earned from referring friends!

So far we support Paypal, Stripe (for card payment), and Payoneer (coming soon) so you can pay, or get paid no matter where you are.

Now, trust yourself, and become a consultant that you always want to be!

We look forward to seeing you!

X-WOW Duck (quack! quack!)

27 July 2020